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Fizzy Doc Laboratory - Experiments Club

Experiments Club!

Do you want to discover the fascinating universe of science? Are you ready to experiment with chemistry that fizzes, bangs and pops? Hurry up! Fizzy Doc is looking for great assistants to help him in his little laboratory….

Kids Yoga Club

Hurry up! School stress and peer pressure. Always on the run, trying to be cool, overly cyber-connected. Homework, heavy backpacks, eating randomly.

When do they get to be kids and just have fun?

Kids learn best through PLAY an…

Ballet Club

Ballet (classical dance and character dance) as the first form of historically recognized dance remains a harmonious way to develop the body.

With care and patience, children will acquire motor, psychological and social skills such as:

Key Toddlers Club

Come play with us in Key Toddlers Club!

This educational programme for kids 1-3 years old is meant to support your child in their accomodation for kindergarden.

With your supervision, they will have the possibility to meet othe…

Club Teacher Day Hour
Toddlers Club Dana Locusteanu Wed 17:00-18:00
Ballet Monica Moldovan Wed 16:30-17:30
Robotics Club (8-11 y/o) Levente Mathe Tue 17:00-18:00
Robotics Club (12+) Levente Mathe Tue 18:30-20:00
Fizzy Doc Laboratory Teodora Scrob Mon 16:30-17:30