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When: 16-20 July 2018, 9.00-17.00 each day, children can arrive at 8.30.

Where: At KEY International School, Aleea Valeriu Bologa, nr. 3, orange block, ground floor.

Who: This summer school will be delivered in English by Miss Teodora Scrob from KEY International School. It is for children aged 6-10 years old.


Do you want to discover the fascinating universe of science? Are you ready to experiment with chemistry that fizzes, bangs and pops? Hurry up! Our scientist extraordinaire is looking for great assistants to help her in her little laboratory. Put on your goggles and get elbow deep in science!

Discover different themes each day, which include: the human body, the universe, nutrition, nature, save the planet through recycling and more.

Lots of energy is needed for participation 😉

The Science Summer School, for children aged 6-10:
– promotes team work
– enhances children’s communication skills
– encourages science exploration
– teaches problem solving on a fun level.

Cost: 500 ron for the whole week, which includes lunch (soup and second course) and two snacks. A 100 Ron registration fee needs to be paid by Friday 6 July to reserve your place. There are a maximum of 10 places available.

Register here: Registration Form

For more information you can contact us on: 0744 641 313, contact@keyschool.ro or use our Contact Form

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