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Thriving as a Team – Leadership Summer School

When: 2-6 July 2018, 9.00-17.00 each day.

Where: At KEY International School, Aleea Valeriu Bologa, nr. 3, orange block, ground floor.

Who: This summer school will be delivered in partnership with Ian Peric, an experienced trainer and facilitator from Australia, as well as other collaborators

This is a week-long experiential immersion into the fundamentals of teamwork. Together we will playfully explore many areas of teamwork, discovering the details that come up as we develop as a team during the week.

The program will be balanced, playful and engaging using group discussion, problem-solving games and fun group tasks to empower the children to find their own truths about running an effective team.  Many of these activities will help us to uncover the whys, costs and benefits underneath many modern business best practices. We will also explore key areas of leadership such as listening, caring, honesty, collaboration, empowerment, motivation, managing mistakes, getting organised, leading by example and getting results.

The detailed agenda is coming soon…

Cost: 425 Ron for the week- early bird discount from 500 Ron, if you enrol by Friday 15 June.
A 100 Ron registration fee needs to be paid by Friday 15 June to reserve your place.
The cost includes lunch (soup, second course and a loaf of bread) and two snacks.

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For more information you can contact us on : 0744 641 313, contact@keyschool.ro or use our Contact Form

About Ian Peric:

With over 10 years’ experience in the technology sector and over 5 years teaching personal development – Ian has been part of, led, and supported many teams around the world.

Ian’s passion to support thriving happy teams stretches far beyond simple project work. It is driven by the respect, empowerment, trustworthiness, innovation, prosperity, strong relationships and happy families that can naturally ripple out from a great team.

With this combination of passion and experience Ian starts by listening to needs, deepening understanding and supporting the processes.  Where possible the intention is to “teach people to fish for themselves rather than delivering fish on a platter each time”. This usually results in a unique blend of best practices, coaching, mindfulness exercises, productivity tools and review processes that best fit those involved.

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