KEY International School
Our story

Our story begins with a wish – a strong, restless one. We, a group of parents, wished for a school where education had the most significant part, where teachers were passionate about their work, eager to try new ideas and reinvent themselves, an international community, where our kids could grow.

Driven by the desire to create this school, this safe space, we gathered together in what was at the time, an empty, colourless place and set to work. We had many days and nights of achievements. Some smaller, some bigger, but we would always celebrate when we made something happen- when we took another step forward! Some days it was the painting, others the furnishing. Some days were about management and logistics, but many others were for implementing the curriculum. We could not believe it when we reached the final touches when the kids and all the teachers could finally get in… when it was finally ready! We were excited and proud to open our doors in October 2017.

However, this project is never finished or yet done, or ever ready, as every day we strive to update and better ourselves, to bring the best practices in education.

This path was not always easy, but we succeeded and could not be prouder of what we have built.  There were six children in the beginning, and there are almost forty now, so we must be headed in the right direction.

Nevertheless, we could not have achieved this without all the amazing and supportive parents in our community, who trust us, believe in us and recommend us. Thank you, KEY parents!

What comes next is the desire for the school to grow with its students to provide a complete educational program from pre-kindergarten through high school, following the IB structure and philosophy!

Our goal was to make a difference in the local education system, and we believe we are doing it!

Be very welcome to experience it! Join our mission!